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a 34 year old mother of four.

MUST HAVE: a wonderful erstwhile boyfriend now magnificent husband charles, four children (one three year old, one set of triplets born at 26 weeks in feb 2004), a love for carbohydrates, celebrity slamming, hiking and kick boxing, a family that puts the fun in dysfunctional, and health issues that include infertility and epilepsy.

GOALS: to be a better Christian, wife, friend, mother and writer.

DISTINCT ASSETS: living in hong kong, a dodgy memory which allows for remembering who you sat next to in grade four but the inability to remember what you did last week, a love for reading and re-reading, unresolved memories regarding the triplets three months in the NICU, and the ability to think frivolous thoughts while attending meetings, changing nappies or taking the bus. 80;s trivia is a must.

RENUMERATION: you don't even have a master's degree or a published should be paying US for this opportunity.