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October 25, 2004


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Mum aka Mo aka Maureen

Sooo good to see the photos :-) They warm my heart!! Again, thank you so much for posting them; to see up-to-date pictures is a thrill.



It breaks my heart that you're mom is far away from her darlings. Must be hard.


thanks for the blog. i'm just catching up (that's what i get for not checking the babe's page regularly), but i'm very happy to read your new outlet. mom says to say "hi."

HugS to all!


cutie patooties!!!!
Love to see the pictures.


I can't believe how far they have come! They are gorgeous! Thank you so much for posting these. :)


So nice to see how big those babes have gotten!!!
Miss hearing from you!!

Hope all is well on the other side of the world!

Carol (Charmaine's mom)

Tess, thanks for the pictures of your beautiful little ones and of beautiful you.


Yay, gorgeous babes!!!!!!!!! So cute.

So happy you are blogging.

Tess, please would you get in touch with Lauren and help her out, she has asked me to ask you


Thanks my friend


Your little ones are so big now and Sebastian is such an adorable big brother. How far you have come since February! :)
Thanks to Charles the Magnificent for helping you to get these up for us to see!!!


Hi Tess,
The babies are absolutely gorgeous and you can see Sebastian is adorable in that photo, too. I love their divine carrot top heads and they're all so pretty. They look so smart, too! You look way too calm for someone with four kids!

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