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November 21, 2004


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Ahh, Tess, I am amazed at what you pack into a day! Making your own baby food for your lovlies, wow. I can barely muster up a microwaved majic meal for two, so I'm in awe.

I love hearing about your 4 & am glad that Charles is still magnificent.

Also, I clearly remember watching some parenting show out of Toronto (broadcast to the US) in which a parenting specialist guy was helping a family to feed their ultra picky little girl about Sebby's age. They visited with a pediatrician who said that it was some TINY amount like 2 tablespoons that they needed to eat at that stage, and that they could easily self regulate (oh, how I wish I could to the same for myself!) and not to worry if they didn' t eat much, that they'd eat when they were hungry. Sounds to me like your big boy is also getting what he needs vegetably speaking on the sly, so wouldn't worry too much.

Anyway, thanks again for sharing a glimpse of your life at your 3 chaired, one with bumper seat and three highchairs dinner table. Now must go plan what to microwave or order in for today....



Hi Tess,

Havent been here in a while but I had to thank you for your email a couple of weeks ago. im so glad the four are doing well.

Lots of love


about Seb: Sagan has been doing the same lately. oh, if it's all carbs he can eat a bunch, but he frequently will take two bites and call it a meal. we have stopped ordering him his own plate when we eat out. after years of worrying that he was eating too much i have decided to not worry if he eats too little. i'm sure Seb is eating plenty to maintain his now-slowed-down growth.

and you actually have a table to dine at? i'm SOOOO jealous. i want a table. and a dining room. *sigh*


Ha..ha... Mom, you're so nice...
Jasper no need to wait for the next spoonful of food and also Carys no longer to vomit... but they'll do the facial treatment for you by the rice cereal and mashed food!

so, just enjoy the food together!



Did you know that some children eat to live while other children live to eat (not just children either huh?). I think that you have the full continum in your family. Don't worry about Seb - he sounds perfectly normal.



I am so glad that I am not the only one who opens her mouth when feeding babies! LOL! But even after 4 babies (all singletons), I STILL do it... Does that mean I'm still a rookie?! LOL!

Seb sounds normal, all my kids either went or are going through the picky stage. But my kids never fell for the hiding veggies in the food thing. They always seemed to know that I did it... Maybe I'm not chopping them small enough?



They're all so wonderful!!! I love your updates.

Vegetables - mine is 14 and it's taken a lot of work. The last few years he's been learning how to cook and we watch a lot of cooking shows together (we LOVE food) so when we see how vegetables are prepared, we try it and then I can work in a new vegetable. If my son had his own way, he's live on pepperoni pizza.

And broccoli is a no go - he's NEVER going to eat "trees".

Frankly, I think your ingenius to sneak the vegetables in. I should have thought of that years ago.

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