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November 29, 2004


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Wow. I'm sitting here with all of these "goose bumps" from reading your beautiful words. No wonder you were weepy at Sebby's party. And now your BFNs on the way to your incredible 3 seem that much more sad, when you see what you were working so hard to achieve once again. So glad you are now 6!



Darling Tess,

That was beautiful. I'm not surprised that Seb gives you so much joy every day - and now you have three more. Feeling very teary after reading it.

Auntie Pammie

Score: Tess 2, Pam : 0. this is the score for how many times you have made me cry today with your writings. Every time I read Seb's birth story I cry.
Please give him extra kisses and hugs from this Auntie .



That was a wonderful birth story! I laughed and I cried... Sorry, I did have to laugh over the underwear thing! LOL! But what a beautiful tribute to your son! Wish I had your talent for writing!




I foolishly read this at work today so there was some surreptitious sniffling going on and rapid blinking to avoid the tears that were looming. What a wonderful story and it brought back memories of Ryan's labour with a force. I know what you mean about not wanting to look like a rookie deliverer and turning up at the hospital too early. Ryan nearly ended up in the cab...

Your words have such intensity, humour and an ability to connect with your reader. I'm in awe as always.

Happy 3rd Birthday to Sebastian!

love Alex


Absolutely beautiful, how lucky you are to have experience that.


The panties part make me choke with laughter!! I was just talking about my version of that with my boyfriend this weekend.

With my son, my water broke just after midnight. I could feel and hear it, so I was quite sure about it, even if it was 3 weeks early. I rushed to the potty. The 'water' was clear, but it reeked of sex, definitely not urine. I called my midwife. She questioned whether it was really urine, then told me that amniotic fluid smells like straw to her. Nope, clearly a sex smell to me, I told her.

When I saw her later that morning, she knew what it was from the strong straw smell, according to her nose, but it still smelled like sex to me. (And I had had no sex for months, hubby - now ex - was stationed in Europe, so it wasn't sex smell from sex :)


What a beautiful birth story Tess. Happy Birthday Sebastian!


So beautiful, so magic


Oh my, now I have tears in my eyes... BEAUTIFUL story- beautiful ending... Happy Birthday, little man!!!


and funny too, just like Tess herself.

Dear Tertia: we all wish a beautiful experience too


You, we wish you a beautiful experience.

And Sebastien: Hippo birdie two ewes

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