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November 15, 2004


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Aww, poor Jasper. Good to hear that you've got more free time, though. You sometimes sound like you're trying to cram four days into a single day.

Hope everyone's feeling better soon. :)


Hi Tess, I've been following the trio's story since they were born. They are all so gorgeous! I frequently visit TTC.com site, but I don't post anymore. Too many rude lurkers.

My Alexi had to do nebulizer treatments as well when she was about 6 months old for RSV. She hated the treatments. I had a little baby einstein mirror that has lights and music and that seemed to help occupy her a little bit.

Sorry that you have to go through this. Just one more thing, ya know?

By the way, I love your blog. You are a very talented writer. Wish I could write as well as you. I am a technical writer--boring! Hardly a comparison between the two.

Would love to chat sometime if you're up for it.


Poor Jasper, I hope he feels better soon. At least he's keeping his appetite up which is very good.

And glad to hear the guest situation works out. I can't tell you how many times I have expressed relief at having the opportunity to do a top to bottom cleaning before guests arrived. Not saying I actually DID a top to bottom cleaning..but...the opportunity was in fact nice.


Get well soon, Jasper!


YAY!!!!!! Love all this good news. You are doing a marevellous job Tess, you should give yourself a big pat on the back you know. Or maybe a flu shot.


ahh, the nebulizer - our best friend for our five year old and for one of our twins. Glad you only have to do 3 x a day. we usually get stuck with every 4 hours AROUND THE CLOCK. it is also excellent that he screams the whole time - makes him inhale more medicine into his lungs and he will get better faster! hope that makes you feel better. hang in there, mama!


Tess, I completely get the gratefulness of not having a guest show. It is work to have even the best of friends show up! I just unloaded my home of my own parents, and while I do LOVE them, I was so relieved today to have my home to myself to do my own stuff. Not the stuff that I thought everyone else would delight in. Sorry about the emergency trip to the doctor, but it must be nice to know that your Master Jaz has his meds and how lovely that the girls are eating more! Can just imagine you and Seb singing "The Wheels on the Bus" - used to be a fav of my two younger brothers!

Here's to a Monday without an extra person to keep happy!

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