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November 18, 2004


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Mo aka Mum aka Maureen

Oh my goodness, Tess! Your little man is striking for independence - how amazing, how wonderful; how proud you must be and yet 'scared' at the thought of one, then two, then three of them on the loose! Did you ever think this day would come?

Three cheers for your great family.



Sitting here in tears. You probably didn't mean to make the pregnant woman cry, but oh how you did.

Wonderful, on the move babies. They'll be walking before you know it. So glad to hear they're doing well.


Hey! Congrats on the almost-mobile Jasper. I guess all the sweet potato and broccoli are paying off? :) Time to go around and start padding the corners up, eh? Time passing is one of those bittersweet things. Take pictures, take pictures often. :)


Ooh, how exciting, I love this! I know its a big step for your little man, but he is obviously out to prove something.

This will be bragging right to his sisters when he is older, that he was the first to scoot.... But Sebastion could always one up him and tell him that he scooted even before him!

Auntie Pammie

Jasper you little monkey you. I did predict while I was there that you would be the first one to get moving as you were one strong determined young man. Now if only you could figure out how to reach over to the nebulizer machine and turn it off.. patience young grasshopper.. all in good time.
Tess, enjoy this time with them, as it will go so fast. If all else fails, put some velcro on his tummy and put him on one of those persian rugs.. that should slow him down a bit.
Of course I am kidding, I too am sitting here with a tear in my eye, thinking of how big they are going to be when I see them next!
Love to you all
Auntie Pammie


All preemies amaze me. You think you will never get there and one day it is all there. Isn't it wonderful??? Every time my boys do something that a full term baby does with no problem, I just start crying. All I hear is the doctor saying "They will never make it" I want to call the doctor and say Dylan or Blane are doing such and such and what did you say about them not making it??? Way to go Jasper and Mommy!


One more thing. Things like this does not happen without constant love and care. You are a wonderful mother, Tess!

Karen Ritchey


You are so fun to read about. I am so right beside you feeling these emotions that you write about so honestly and clearly and freely. I love reading about these most amazing little people who are taking over your life in such an amusing and yet miraculous way. God is so good. He is taking care of your family so well. We thank Him daily for His care and love for you and your precious bundles, who are starting to be mobile! The fun is just beginnning. Put on your running shoes...cuz the marathon is underway!!!
Love,compassion and chuckles, Karen xo

Carrie Jo

That is so exciting! Good job Jasper!


Brody & I are SO PROUD of Jasper the Great! Next thing you know Brody and Jazzy J will be blowing us off to go hang out with their "friends". :)

Love you, Tess.


This is soooo wonderful! You do know crawling everywhere is next, right?


Congratulations to you, Jasper for your exciting deveopments and I wish you all the best in your travels.

To your wonderful Mum I extend some warm congratulations also for producing such talented offspring.


You've made me cry too. My heart is feels so full of love and pride it feels like it is going to burst.


Tess, clearly your Jasper doesn't understand the whole age adjusted thing. What a fine example he is setting for his sisters!

So wonderful to know that you are being blessed with these wonderful milestones to delight in!


Tess, that is the most fantastic news. Who thought that little Jasper would be doing this already in February? I'm so thrilled for you all. I wonder how long it will take his sisters to catch on as well. Sebastian, look out!


Gotta love those little guys, huh? Great news, even if it means mobility for Jasper and a little less serenity for you.



Oh, that is awesome news! Those first moves they make to independence, such bittersweet moments! You are thrilled that they are moving, but a little sad that they'll need less and less care over the years..... Hope you've got a video camera!


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