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November 22, 2004


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Sara 观星

Aww. Poor angry critter. The crying exercises his lungs, at least, I hope. :)


Ahhhh... Poor little tyke.... Like the picture you did though, you should put it in his baby book.



Poor Jasper!!!

But I do like the pilot picture.

Auntie Pammie

That pilot pic is great! I agree with Julie that it should go on his baby book. As for the little guy screaming his head off while getting his nebuliser, it breaks my heart. Just remember that even though he is screaming at the procedure, each holler is carying that medication deep into his little lungs. A double edged sword.
Lots of kisses and hugs to all of you.


Poor lil' guy :(


I shouldn't laugh but he looks so cute!


Poor little pumpkin. Love the pilot pic though. Too cute!

Doni Brinkman

Poor little guy! I have to wait until Ty is falling asleep to use his or he is coming unglued!

Tess...I love to read your journals. Your sense of humor shines when you write so when I need a little "pick me up" LOL, I just open your blog:). Much love


Oh, what a cuuute fighter pilot picture! Do you do the whole scrap-booking thing? That is TOO cute to ever lose!

(I can't scrapbook, myself. Well, too lazy to try. LOL)

Poor little man, though. But it's for the best, I suppose... The ONE time my daughter was catheterized at 18 months old- I think I was more traumatized then her- but damn, it hurt seeing her go through that. I'm sure you understand more then I could ever know though.

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