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November 11, 2004


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Tess, that was beautiful. Thanks so much for writing it.

My grandfather (gone ten years now, may he rest in peace) was in the (American) army. He landed at Normandy June 8, 1944. Never talked about it much, except that it was horrible out there in the trenches with the bombs exploding all around.

I know he would be glad that people such as yourself are remembering that Armistice Day/Veterans' Day means something and teaching our kids that it's not just a bank holiday.


That was beautiful. I will do my best to thank someone for all their sacrifices today.


Beautiful. I love that it's a Canadian story. It's nice to remember the Heroes on the home front too.

Carrie Jo

That was such a wonderful story, beautifully written. Thank you for sharing it.



What a wonderful tribute to your grandparents. Wish mine were still alive, so that I could go give them a hug.

I hope we all remember, and support the troops of every country, who fight for the freedom of others.

I'm glad your hubby is coming home, I'm very happy for you and your beautiful children!!!

Love in Christ,


I've read your blog since you started but finally wanted to write a comment. Today after reading I visited my grandfathers grave for the first time. He was a war veteran who died last year on 11 November. Thank you tess, thank you for sharing all your wonderful stories with us, Tasmin

Mum aka Mo aka Maureen


What a wonderful and moving tribute to Gran and Grandad. They will be so touched and thankful that you do remember and care. Bless you, darling.

I remember lying in bed as a little girl (born immediately post-war) and I would cry thinking that maybe, just maybe, my dad might have to return to war. Even though I was born in 1946 the impact of the war was in our home. I would help my dad shine his buckles, medals and boots before he attended Regiment get-togethers. He could stand so straight and still and he was my hero. Honor abounded. I would clutch the piece of his kit that still carried his dried blood on its surface. I was so immensely proud of him and the thought of losing him to war again was dreadful to a small girl. Not knowing any better I also thought my 11 year old brother, Jon, would have to go to war as well and that would bring on another flood of tears.

.... Tess, I am just off the phone with Gran. I read her your November 11 blog. We wept our way through it and she was so grateful for your words and was amazed that you, a different generation, would be so sensitive and caring.

Thank you again, honey.

May we never forget.

Love, M xox


Dear Tess,
Thank you for the letter you wrote about "Remembering"the war and us. In January 1946 after 4 years and 3 months, Vernon came home. He came home to me, Jon ( who was almost 4 years old and whom he had never seen), and his family including my Dad. It was the happiest day of my life.

Since then over 64 years of living have gone by. During which we have been blessed with wonderful children, grandchildren, and great granchildren. We and they are fortunate to have traditions and memories kept alive by you, our loved ones.

I must add that the Canadian Department of Veternas affairs have looked after their many veterans well.

Much love to you all and Thank-you,
Gran and Grandad

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