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November 24, 2004


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I'm going to call them my "Howard Hughes Years" - the years I have lost out on real life while trying to reach a live birth - because I became such a recluse. I'm certain that is what my friends thought of my absence, that I was simply a recluse, but I put 6000 miles on my car taking myself back & forth to RE appointments just the first 1/2 of this year. That's quite some sex drive, eh? I have a more intimate relationship with my steering wheel than I do with my husband - but don't tell him that, k?


LOL@ Boulders "Sex Drive"

wow tess you have been through a lot. And look where you are now... Curious...are you one of those people who think that you are a better person for what you have gone through and endured? I sometimes wonder. I sometimes think I would be a better person if I had just been one of those lucky fertiles. I wouldn't be so jaded and sometimes bitter (although having my Littles has helped)

What say you?


Wow my friend, what a journey!

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