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November 29, 2004


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Well, I dare, but don't see where I can "read on" :)

Cannot imagine what that must have been like to see all the love for your oldest. Of course you were weepy, darling. Those are the moments that you take mental snapshots of to reflect back on when you are 80, and realize that you've lived an amazing life full of trials and tribulations, but also full of wonder and joy.

Sometimes you have to get off the ride to realize how incredible it really is, eh?

So your m. charles can bake a nemo cake, and have all the ladies singing high praise for him? Certainly that does add to his cachet, doesn't it? But with the moniker "m. charles," it was to be expected that there are qualities like this! you must post a pic of the b-day boy and cake too, k?

You've got an incredible family Tess. You've been blessed, but so has your family with you.

Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.

Auntie Pammie

As ususal you made me ruin my morning mascara( from either laughing or crying). Glad to hear that the party went so well.
Cant wait to see the pics.


Happy Birthday to Sebastian! He is quite the handsome little man, isn't he! And I am QUITE impressed with the Nemo cake.... My hubby could never do that, though he is very good at EATING cake! LOL!



LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics you've added!

Such a handsome lad your birthday boy Seb is!


oh, Tess! love the b-day cake and feel the same way about my little men. As I get ready to give birth to little man #4 next week, I loved reading Seb.'s birth story. I started the day off weepy and emotional - guess the day is going to stay that way. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Off to decorate for Christmas and nest some more!


That cake is amazing. And such a handsome boy! Happy Birthday, Sebastian :)


Can you have magnificent charles cloned? I want a cake like Sebastien had!


Loves it!

isn't he just a mini magnificent charles? happy b-day Seb!

Mum aka Mo aka Maureen

Happy Birthday, darling Seb! Grandad Blake and I are so happy that you loved the Nemo cake your Daddy made for you. Spectacular! You are a very special boy and we are so very proud of you, Sebbie.

Tess, your story of Seb's birthday is wonderful. Loved every word and of course cried my way AGAIN through Seb's birth story!

Much love to all, Mo xox


What a beautiful little boy! and an amazing magnificent cake. :)

Your story about Seb's birth was great. It's amazing how each story can be so different.


That is one amazing cake!!!


Happy Birthday Seb, little Blue Moon baby!

Tess, i remember reading the abridged version of his birth three years ago, and it's still just as moving today. i also remember seeing pictures of mini-me in the funny hat and hanging from the sign on the Peak. he is such the little man now. thank you.

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