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November 10, 2004


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Mum aka Mo aka Maureen

Yes!! Tess!! Great article. I remember seeing the Pillar of Shame with you at the university and being very moved. Thanks for your comments.

xox M


Well said! Have you thought about submitting this to Salon.com or some other publication?


Sara 观星

Thank you. Very much. For everything that you just wrote. I, and many young people in the United States are currently terrified of Bush, and feel powerless and oppressed, even though greater than 49% of our country agrees with us.

It's important for us (young Americans) to remember that far greater odds have been faced. And that the victories have been greater than the ones we seek to achieve. Because remembering these things will give us hope, and allow us to move forward. We're already remembering the horrors of WWII, and seeking to avoid a repeat. We've forgotten the other lessons that are to be learned from the world--lessons of hope, and an upwelling from within.


Thank you.


I was 8 when the Tiananmen Square massacre occurred. I was on holidays near the beach in Queensland Australia. But I watched it on TV and wondered how people could do that to each other. I knew at 8 how wrong it was.

6 years later I stood in Tiananmen Square where there are still bloodstains on the stones. And I still didn't understand.

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