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December 15, 2004


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I am curious if they live with you? You said Mila sleeps in the guest room when MC is gone and that you have made a space for them but where do they sleep? I am sure the appreciate having a boss who is so appreciative of them.

Auntie Pammie

Tess,from what I have seen and witnessed while visiting you, this writing captures it all. I love the two ladies who work for you, and see how good they are with your children, with you and MC, and how well they treated Dad ,Mom, and I when we have visited. YOu were blessed with 2 very special helpers. I also love Patricia Cornwell books (please tell Lita), and the hugs that Mila would give me when I was sick, made me feel that much better.


Tess, you are wonderful! You made me laugh out loud at my desk at 7:30 in the morning.

And for those of you who don't know about how horribly expensive it is to travel within Canada, it cost me less to fly from Calgary to London, England than it costs me to fly from Calgary to Toronto. Hundreds of dollars less. It's just unfair!

Many Phillipinos have come to Canada and many are domestic workers and for the simple fact they can make much better money. And many of them are very well educated, but they can make the money here. In my church we actualy have a tagalog congregation because the population is so high, which is wonderful.

And many of these dear ladies leave their own families behind and it's so sad. And many of them are treated badly by western families which is always an embarrassment to me because Canadians should know exactly how good they've got it here in Canada and not treat other people differently.

I'm so glad you have such wonderful help and that you're wonderful as well.

And thank you for making me laugh out loud this morning. I was rather cross with a co-worker who started nattering at me at 6:55 a.m. about conference calls. What the heck was he even doing in the office at 6:55 a.m.?


It's obvious from the pictures that those ladies love your kids. In my opinion that is so important! I wish I had some nice filipino ladies to help me when I needed it, but I will settle for my lovely mormon who loves my Littles like her own.

Thank you for sharing, I was wondering what kind of help you had with the babeolas.


These woman sound like a god-sent. They sound so wonderful. I am glad that you have this help and they are able to give their families a better life. I am sure they feel very blessed to work for you and the same that you are blessed to have them.

Mum aka Mo aka Maureen

Sweetheart - I couldn't agree more. Mila and Lita truly are gifts from God for your family at this time. Their personalities, dedication and work ethic are wonderful. I consider myself blessed having enjoyed their company.

M xox

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