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December 31, 2004


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I wrote to a very good friend earlier this week and said:

"I am thankful for the experiences that have provided personal growth in 2004, but am glad to have them behind me/us, and I'm looking forward to a rewarding 2005 for all of us."

That was the best that I could sum up an extremely crappy year. But a year that, none the less, left me hopeful for the next.

I cannot fathom what the losses feel like that so many families must be experiencing even as I write. My thoughts have been with them for days. It must have been gut wrenchingly emotional to have seen that reunion first hand. One of many, but one of not enough like it.

No, we really aren't an island, and it is comforting to know that we have people like you to call friends as we go into 2005.

Happy New Year~



I can't watch the news anymore. Too horrible to even comprehend. How do you wrap your brain around 135,000 lost lives? And now they have no food or water. While I sit here shoveling food in my mouth, and feeding my babies, others are starving, and watching their babies slowly starve. Horrible is not a powerful enough word for this disaster...

Auntie Pammie

Until this disaster happened , I had been reflecting on how 2004 had been a terrible year for me.

I/We( the entire family) had been on high alert when the babies were born so early, we worried about Tess and how this pregnancy would effect her health, we were on further alert while Carys battled on and defeated her killer virus.

I had personally assisted with helping my Grandfather being placed in a long term care facility and made return flights out to Vancouver (from Edmonton) to assist my Grandmother as she dealt with this huge change. This was a stressfull time as well.

My personal life was in turmoil for most of 2004. I was unhappy with my job(s) , my marriage, my weight, my hair color etc.

I was being so selfish in my own world of "sorrow" that it took a World Wide disaster to slap me back to reality and make me do a good check around me. My family is now healthy, happy and most of all ..Alive. I have my health, my work, a roof over my head, more food than I need, clean drinking water, clothes, medicine and my family and friends. I am more grateful now than ever before.

I can only donate my blood and money to help those poor souls whose lives are forever changed from this terrible event. I offer my prayers and condolences.

I also know that I look forward to what life has to offer in 2005.

sorry bout the rambling.....

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