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December 19, 2004


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You must email me your address, as I have the most incredible 3 photo article on N. S.'s surgery or lack thereof...NOT....and you have to see it to believe it.

Difference btwn ps & if truthfulness:
I don't wear my uterus out for everyone to see whether it is natural, had tucks, or chemical peels. Nor to I ask the public to come see my uterus in flicks that could educate small countries with the same monies. So, if I did make money off the general public by being artful with my uterus, then I think I would have some sense of obligation to share the realities of needing the nips/tucks to stay competitive in the uterus baring world.

I mean, if you one day look cute as a button as Meg Ryan, and suddenly one day look like a trout with Meg Ryan's haircut, don't lie to the people who have paid the money to support your career. It creates a perception that being real isn't correct, that being disingenuous is where it is at.

I know that people feel both ways about IF - in the closet or out. My "get out of jail free card" for IF in celebrities is that if they are lucky, there is a child that is impacted too. It seems fair that a child should know first, and then the rest of the world. I know that I want to be the one to explain to my child how he/she/they came to be, and not to have them hear it from a neighbor out walking the dog, so why would the SJP's, JR's and the like want some paparazzi yelling "why did you resort to IVF" while they are out walking their dogs? I simply wish that at some point they would discuss the journey more openly and make it a cause worth supporting. You'd think the empathetic pang would pull these "go-getters" out of the woodwork to try to effect some level of change. But on the otherhand, if you have more money than 98% of the world's population, maybe you only feel the emotional impact of IF, not the monetary one as well, and you don't perceive it as being "cause-worthy" just your own private nightmare?

I don't need to know if someone did DE, for example, but don't go out there & promulgate the myth that biological pregnancy is an easy thing to achieve late in life. It is a complete disservice to your adoring public and your un-fans.

I don't think this is a celebrity issue, either. If I am lucky enough to be the mother to a daughter someday, the one lesson that I will be chanting along with get an education, see the world, then get married, will be do not wait to have children simply because you think it won't be an issue. Plan on it being an issue and engineer a fulfulling life around incorporating sooner than latter. And I'm already encouraging my friends that are mom's of girls old enough to "get it" to discuss it. I mean we all had health classes in school, but noone really sat down and said, 'LISTEN UP, yes, there are cases where you can become pregnant after just one time, but there are many cases where you think there will be plenty of time & good medicine to help, and it won't. The buzzer will have gone off, and time will be up."

rant over
for now....



The saddest thing I think about plastic surgery is that it once again honours youth and says that if you are old you aren't worth much. I look at my father-in-law who I think has the most handsome face - why, because it is covered with smile lines that show his character and wisdom. I would be so sorry to not see them on his face - or on anyone else's face. Isn't it about time that we once again respected age and wisdom and didn't worship youth?

However, I guess that I can't really talk as I have dyed my hair from the age of 22.


I'll plaster it here for the world to see. I'd like a boob lift, don't want more, just want the old stuff back up where it used to be.

I've been going to the APS site for a while. Last weekend I saw Loni Anderson on VH1 doing some promo or being part of "The Best of 19##s" show, I forget. I could not believe the way she looked. I did research and submitted it to the APS site. If it comes up, you'll know it was my work :)


I tried the link, but it says "this site defaced." Huh...very suspicious...


I LOVE that site! I visit every day, though it isn't updated every day. Get a huge kick out of it.

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