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December 25, 2004


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Merry Christmas- and i LOVE the new picture of beautiful you and your gorgeous children.


Merry Christmas Tess & family - what a GORGEOUS photo, MC must be terribly proud to have such a good looking clan!


Auntie Pammie

Merry Christmas to the entire Lyons-Caldwell clan. I love that shot Tess. Go and enjoy your turkey dinner with your friends!
Love Auntie P


Merry Christmas! Beautiful picture of a beautiful family. :)


Happy Christmas to Tess, Charles, Sebastian, Jasper, Sela, Carys and Olivia! i love the picture! can't wait to see more. i hope you got a nap for christmas.

Shayna, Marshall, Sagan, Enzali, Phoenix, Bond, Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Coca, Rainbow, Takshaka, Shiva, Quasimodo, Rocky, Yoda and Mardi Gras.


Totally wonderful photo, wonderful family too. Happy holidays!

Mum aka Mo aka Maureen

Ah darling Hong Kong family - how wonderful for us to see that photo of the five of you that you had done for Charles. Merry Merry Christmas to the entire family and God bless you richly in 2005 ~

Mum (Mo!), Dad (Grandad) and Auntie Mandy xox


What an absolutelly fabulous picture, FABULOUS! You have the prettiest smile and your kids are lovely.


I noticed that photo when I read the blog on sleeping positions...and feared that I had missed it earlier so didn't want to admit that I just noticed it...either way...it is remarkable...perfect...love it!


Merry Christmas!!!

What a beautiful picture:)


Beautiful Family Tess! Lovely!

Hope your holidays are delightful.

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