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December 21, 2004


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Cleaning up in life brings satisfaction that is unparalleled except for certain, ahem, adult pleasures. 'm not a neat freak, but a clean counter, dishes washing in the dishwasher and empty clothes hampers can really set the tone for a day.

I can only imagine what cleaning up and starting fresh with your lovelies must be like.

Really, I wouldn't worry too much about teenage reading of your blog. By the time they get around to it, it won't be "cool" to read "mom's blog" anyway!

If anything, maybe the truth and honesty that you put out here will serve as a deterent to hot & heavy romances at too early of an age!!!


You missed a spot. You know, that one where you point out that readers all over the world knew how much they were loved, followed their progress and delighted in the milestones. The one where you remind them, ever so gently, that only a parent can love a child so much that they enjoy changing their diaper....presumably the chow-chowiest of tasks. They'll know you love 'em, they may just want reminding. :)

Mum aka Mo aka Maureen

Sweetheart - I think it is genetic. As you know, I too love changing diapers..... and having said that I will add that that includes my own children (when young) and my grandchildren. I do not love changing the diapers of the rest of the world :-) Enjoy your 'changing time' with them, Tess. So soon that too will have passed. Can you believe it?!

Love, M xox


Hi to Tess, and the other lady who said she loved changing her children's and grand childrens diapers.
I cannot tell you both how your posts have touched me. I could sit here infront of my talking computer and cry just now.
Oh if I was only so blessed as a little one when I was younger. I loved my mom, but she had emotional problems, and also hated changing me, I think anyway. I didn't potty train till I was about 5, (very late). I didn't want to and my body and mind could not grasp it. But, there was a wonderful lady baby sitter named Dianne, that God put into my life when my mom had to go to work. Dianne as you 2 ladies, loved changing diapers. She felt it was the time she could get the closest to us kids. She had me, and her son Steven, who wore diapers and rubber pants, and only those, around the house, for easier changing. I remember my first day there. It was a Tuesday, and it was very rainy when I got off the bus. She picked me up and carried me in the house. I wore training pants and rubber panties over them. If I wet in them, they wouldn't beat me or yell at me or say back, "why can't you be potty trained right when I want you to be?" They'd just give me a hug at my waste and legs, (of course they weren't a real mommy, but at least I felt loved and accepted by something when nobody else would want a boy around who wasn't potty trained at so late an age.
I remember Dianne putting my on the floor in the livingroom and changing me. The way she tgouched me, and talked to me with such a quiet tender tone-of-voice, I can't tell ya how much it ment to this little boy at that time. She said, "you loved to be changed, don't ya!?" I gave her a big smile, and said "yeah!"
The way she changed me she sent this message I wish all mommies and baby sitters, and nannies, and childcare providers would send to little ones, "I love changing you, you're not a burden for me, and I want you in this house, and I love changing you, because I love doing that and taking care of your personal needs."
God used her in my life at that time. I sometimes, didn't want to go to my house.
That affects what I do today. I work with parents and nannies and childcare givers who have or care for unpotty trained children.
But here's another part of me that is so important for you to know about me. You mentioned the love you showed changing their diapers, they need to know that because not every mommy feels that way toward her children. I'm so proud of you ladies for feeling this way, I wish more did, so bad.
I never connected with my mom when I was changed or diapered for bed, not in the early years. I was abused physically, emotionally, and verbally, for wetting the bed when I was little. I didn't feel connected to my mom until 3 months before she died. I never got that mommy/little boy connection, that you 2 ladies so wonderfully talked about.
I have prayed for that part of me to be healed, but God has told me, "Harry, I'm not gonna heal you that way, I'm gonna bring a wonderful girl into your life who will diaper you at bedtime, and change you if you need to be changed, and love doing that for you, that's how I'll heal you."
You see ladies, I have always wet at time and still havej to wear diapers and rubber pants to bed, due to premature birth. My body is like a little boys body down there. Being blind, I can't put a diaper on too good. I'm praying for God to bring into my life a Christian girl who would love to care for my needs in this way. The last thing I want to be is a burden to a woman.
I still believe in old fashioned values, like a woman caring for her children or others children, cause a man cannot do it like you can, ladies. You are more gentle in your touch, and in your tone-of-voice.
I'm on vacation this week, but did a google search, hopefully to find that future companion, and I found this wonderful web page.
You take care, and may there be more women in our world like you 2 ladies. Children are love starved today, and need a mommy or nanny, or someone who loves canging them, and loves cuddling them, and loves holding them, loves being with them, and not putting them infront of a TV. set as if to say, "get out of my way, you're a burden." Because I can tell you they're not a burden, and all they want is someone to love them and care for there needs, and they will love us back.

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