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December 18, 2004


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Oh dear! Boy when it rains it pours. BTW - Several places where I have lived have tied the spread of hf&m to shopping carts in the local groceries and are now placing disinfectant wipes at the cart entrances.

How fortunate that MC selected this very time to be gone to return as the hero to Seb's sad predicament.

But how much more wonderful that you despite being more tired than I can even imagine had the sheer brilliance to put such a positive spin on a Seb's unfortunate situation.

Hope the illnesses have run their course through your household & that you are blessed with a quiet joy over the holidays and 4 lovely children to spend it with!




I always enjoy my visits here... I should comment more than I do!!! But I visit every day to hear how you, hubby and your four beautiful children are doing.

I hope your little ones are feeling better soon. I have never heard of HF&M disease before... Poor little kiddos!!!



It took me forever to figure out what hf&m was *finally - i think hand foot and mouth? yes, no?! and yes - does sound like a trendy magazine - maybe architecture oriented??

Tess - have a wonderful and happy holiday with the family! I'll be in toronto for a few days visiting my mom and sister. x0

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