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December 22, 2004


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As I was reading, I could envision each of your descriptions, but was secretly hoping for a photo - and there they were!

As an insomniac of the worst sort, I have spent many nights observing the various sleep positions of my DH, my cats and my dogs. It really is very interesting that even the animals in my life seem to have no issues with sleep and each have their own preferred styles too.

My DH is the funniest, though. He even when in a catnap on the couch tucks 4 fingers into the waistband of whatever he's wearing right on the hip-bone. Only his right hand though. It is the oddest thing. But I find it so endearing, and it is what I miss the most when he is away. Gazing over in my wide-eyed misery and seeing the contentment of the man I love with 4 fingers secured in his waistband.

My two dogs sleep curled up like kittens, with noses tucked in to their front paws, and my cats sleep like 3 figurines on a shelf, all lined up one next to the other on the same chair, with the sweetest sighing noise made - an angelic version of a snore, I guess.

It doesn't matter who (or what) it is that you watch sleep, when you love them it is a pleasure to see the idiosyncrasies and to know that they are comfortable even if you wouldn't be in the same position. That is the time of each day that I relish the most, knowing that everyone I love is safe and sound, sleeping in comfort all around me in my home.


I love your babes, so sweet.

Carrie Jo

I agree sleep position analysis IS interesting. When I go to bed I have to roll over switching sides at least 3 times before I can settle onto my right side to drift off to sleep. I am always snuggled under the blankets and I have a long-ish pillow on the side edge of the bed so I can snuggle against it. My husband sometimes falls asleep on his back and snores when he does that but usually sleeps on his left side. If he's on his back and starts snoring in the middle of the night I will make him roll over. Our dog either sleeps between his legs or between the two of us snuggled against one or both of our legs. I imagine I will love watching my kids sleep too. Especially when they're dreaming. My dog is funny as it is. Sometimes when she's dreaming she'll make a whoop whoop whoop sound that to me sounds exactly like Curly of the Three Stooges.


The first picture of Seb...priceless. Bless his little heart. Love it!

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