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December 17, 2004


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Hee hee. Funny Sebastian with his wees. HF&M disease is also common here in WA state and my sitters kids also got a little bout of it about a month ago. Remarkably Kasey didn't get it. Which is good.

I think keeping Sebs hands sterilized with Purell hand santitzer or some other instant sanitizer is a good idea. I made the sitters kids slather themselves in it before they came near Kasey. You know how 3 year old boys just want to touch everything? Well the sitters 3 year old by loves to pat, touch and rub all over Kasey. I think this helped her!

Good luck and get some sleep!


LOL! Sorry to hear you had a rough evening, but it was so funny to read about it from here!

Best part...or at least cry facaing down so it wouldn't wake me up...WAY TOO FUNNY, had tea come out my nose partially.

Thank you for this blog. I adore it!


What did sebastian mean by needing to wee wee? soz i just don know what it means.

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