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January 15, 2005


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It is all about perspective, isn't it? While they may not be where a book or a doctor thinks it spot on, they are all doing SO much better than they could have been, right? At least that is my take on it. They are all taking there sweet time to grow up, and they've spent a lot of this past year playing catch-up. A little additional help, while not the greatest thing to look forward to in a week's outings, certainly can't hurt, and may help. They are all happy, growing (!), and full of potential. That is all that really matters in life as a nearly one year old, right?



And did I mention, handsome & beautiful? That NEVER hurts!



Way to go to all three for the wonderful weights. They are all coming along. They are saying Blane is around four months and he is 7 months adjusted age. We just deal with it and pray he will catch up one day. Dylan is doing better, but not where he should be. I know it breaks your heart to hear what the dr, nurse, PT, ST and everyone else says about your babies being delayed. It just about kills me. I try to remind myself, at least I have them. And I know you do to. I will keep all of you in my prayers. I hope things start to progress a little faster.
Big Hugs.


Tess, it seems you are about 6 months ahead of me in what I get to expect with Andrew's dr. visits now that we have the downs syn. diagnosis. They are happy and healthy babies, so I say, who cares if they sit/stand etc. later than the TYPICAL kid - who wants to be typical anyway?!?

hugs to you friend,


So, my son was a week OVER his due date and he STILL doesn't reach those milestones set out in that darn book! In fact, for the fourth month, he's supposed to be lifting himself up on his arms like a mini push-up. Well, he's nearly four and a half months and he's barely reached the milestone for three months - lifting his head off the mat with the support of his hands. He just recently started doing that!

I hate that book, even though I agree it's better than the pg one. I just think, when you reach 18, no one ever asks you, "And when did YOU start walking?"


Oh Tess, I'm sorry that you didn't get great news, but I wouldn't worry. My heart breaks when I think of sweet little Carys sobbing. I have faith that the terrific trio will catch up soon. Granted Alexi was only a few weeks premature, but due to her size she was always waited till the last minute to hit each milestone (right at the point the Doc was concerned). I just kept working with her, as you are with the three, and eventually paid off. I know the three will be fine.

We had a nice snow here in St. Louis the last few days, and we bundled up and headed outside to play in the snow. Alexi was scared, at first, but then had a blast stomping around. I'm sure your weather there is gorgeous. Take care.



I am sorry they had such a long, hard appointment!... I think they are all doing wonderfully. All my kids were full term, yet two of my kids have low muscle tone. Josh didn't walk until he was 18 months old, and Amanda is 17 months tomorrow, and she isn't walking yet. (Let go of the furniture for the first time today though, for about 5 seconds! *while standing*)

You are doing a great job, and your sweeties are too! (Not to mention that they are just so darn cute!)



What a long day for everyone!

I'm sorry things are what everyone else seems they should be.

They're so beautiful and so wonderful all your children.

Thinking of you.

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