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January 26, 2005


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Hi Tess

It's me - just saw your blog for 1st time and love it!

I have to say I am REALLY struggling to work out why anyone would think you deserve bad things happening to you just cos you had IVF. I think you should ask this individual. Is it cos they think you are playing with nature and 'put yourself at risk' of having triplets, so you deserve what you get? If so, it follows that anyone who goes against nature and flies a plane which then crashes deserves to die - and so on. Grrr... just give me her telephone number and I'll have a word with her.

ps - Look forward to seeing you and to meeting Charles at last!

Love, J xxx



Excellent things to celebrate:

1) Life, & more joyfully the lives of miraculous children
2) MC's return - no more 10 day aways, please?
3) Tess posting again - hate when you go missing
4) Pictures that I just (!?) noticed from December & January
5) Shutting down an a$$hat - *dancing with glee over this*

Thanks for sharing it ALL.

(secretly hoping that Tess, MC, fab 4 all stay in HK until I can manage a trip there - maybe until wee three have uniforms for school because it might take that long, but it will be worth it.....)



I am glad you're back. I was on the point of emailing you.
I do not know how you deal with people who think you have no right to feel the way you feel. I guess you have to walk beside a mother of multiples every step to understand just how hard it is and how, regrdless of which path you took to get there, you have the hardest job in the world to the power of 10. My best friend is the mother of five who are four and under. Yes, she used fert. treatment and the one came by accident a year later. How can you question a woman who sacrifices her health to have the babies and then everything else to raise them? It doesn't matter how they came to be because I love them as much as if they were my own.

I missed you.


I'm a wee bit jealous. Not of the 10 days without the hubby part, but the going to dinner part. Dinner for two?


Hope you had a fabulous time!

Auntie Pammie

Once again I have to commend you on not beating the crap ( either physically or verbally)out of the insensitive cow who seems to have no social skills at all. I am glad that I am not there when these comments are made, as I would probably have to give her a few of my own choice comments. Regardless, you are a Hero in my eyes and I hope you and MC had a great dinner. Great to have your blogs back.


Have a most spectacular dinner, Tess!

I'm glad Mag Charles is home!

I would have smacked that person. Really, I can still fly over there and do it.

The children sound wonderful.

I'm stupid - what is RVS season?


Hi Tess - so glad you are back! Very jealous of your table for two - am trying to get that worked in our schedule! Finding a babysitter at night is hard right now...so, living vicariously through you! Enjoy!


Hope that you and Charles had a wonderful dinner - and also hope that the children didn't get sick.

Congrats on your response to that woman who felt that you deserved to have a hard time. Good grief, I too wish that I could come over and tell her what I think!!

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