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January 31, 2005


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I am laughing so hard as I read this. Not because you sound crazy, but because I do the same thing. Every day.

I cannot focus, cannot stay on task, cannot get it all together. I fear if one day I did, I'd forget where I put it and be totally lost forever.

I can't tell you how many cups of coffee I've found cold, how many diet cokes with only a sip or two missing gone warm and flat. How many times I've started one thing, noticed a second thing, then a third, fourth, ACK! I'm late! And never get back to the first thing.


I used to have it all together. Really I did. But somewhere along the line, my functioning brain cells and I parted ways.
Little buggers jumped ship on me.

Thank you for helping me to see that I'm not alone in my "no method to the madness" ways.

Much love, xoxo

Auntie Pammie

Ok, the mascara is running down my face for two reasons. Firstly, I am laughing because of your story, and secondly I am laughing because I realize how normal I am . I can start off on a mission to do one solitary thing and end up in a different section of the house doing another chore that was not as important, but had caught my attention.
Thank-you for making me feel so much more normal!


Tess, I'm laughing and laughing at the picture you are painting. I don't even have the excuse of little people around - and I do exactly the same thing.


I am gonna need a quick nap after that. Will post later...LMAO!!


I'm a bit dizzy now, and a bit scared bcs this sounds like me too often and I have NO kids. I'm trying to reform. Oh hell ok, I'm also much amused by the post!


Smiling and shaking my head in wonder - Tess, this is the story of my days! Worse when the kids were smaller, but still very much how I stumble through the day. (I was going to say "function" but it's pretty disfunctional!) Nice to know others do it too. Sometimes I think I have very few brain cells left. Or at least that there are quite a few loose connections!

Just found your blog a couple of weeks ago, via "Raising WEG". I remember your birth and neonatal story from the Triplet Connection, so nice to see how things are going for you now. The photos are wonderful; your kids are so gorgeous!

Oh yeah, and hope you have a great trip to Canada! If we lived closer (SK) I'd try to get together with you for coffee.

Thanks for sharing your sometimes moving, sometimes funny, always thoughtful blogs.


Karen Ritchey

You had me spellbound!
Thank you for your honesty, which is so funny.
Don't ever stop this writing that we so enjoy...I dare say you are therapeutic!

Was thrilled to see you Mom, the Rehns, the Klosse's and other Yellowknifers this weekend.


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