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January 30, 2005


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....like it used to be, but BETTER. - my take on it....


Thanks for the cultural bits. So very interesting to know a bit about the customs that you live with and your descriptions are like reading a travel magazine, but nicer because we know you.

And I find it even more interesting because your compassion & sense of "what is right" is the way that I think! I'd be perplexed by the same issues - how to not offend the decision makers, but make certain that the people that you know need it & actually impact your lives positively are properly appreciated too.

Do you have any pictures of the CNY dress up? That would be cool to see!

>>PS - Love the Rocky Horror reference! Did you see me over on the blog belonging to Lioness? I made a song reference in your honor - told her I'd think of her blog as "tainted love" for the time being. Thinking in songs because of you! <<


Oh,how I love reading your blog! It's fascinating learning about the culture you are in and I'd never know any of this without you! Thank you, thank you, thank you for starting this blog! (And thank Tertia too, because I think she had a hand in it?)

It sounds like a wonderful night was had and good decisions were made- you have such a heart and it shines through your writing!

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