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January 14, 2005


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Okay- this may sound silly and if it is, just shoot me ;) Heh. But since you have all of the kiddos sharing a room right now- at nap time, why don't you make it fun for Sebastian and get him a sleeping bag and let him camp out in the living room during naptime? (Depending on the size of the living room- you can even get a small tent or child's play tent and pop that up too). I mean- at his age, camping out is COOL and since at their age, the triplets need their naps- well, it could work out great. Give him some books to read while he's lying in his sleeping bag and then even if he doesn't sleep- he still has a bit of quiet time.

Okay- okay. Call me crazy :) But my kids LOVE to fake camp out- both of them- and they are 5 and 9. Wow- almost 5. Not yet. I'm not willing to give her up to being 5 just yet... Just a random idea!

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