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January 28, 2005


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Tracey (TJ)

Dear Tess,

I must admit it has been some months since I logged on to read your blog and what a pleasure it has been to read. You are such an incredible woman and I am full of admiration for the way you write so openly and for the way you approach all of life's challenges thrown your way.

I have loved browsing through the photos of Jasper, Carys, Sela and big brother Sebastian. I can't help but comment on their eyebrows - have the trips been to the beautician I wonder, they all have the most incredible, perfectly shaped eyebrows framing those beautiful eyes of theirs.

It saddened me when I read of your fear for the children's health and development. Ofcourse you want only the best for them Tess, but the love that surrounds them is so evident and a life surrounded by love will be a good life.

Thank you for sharing so much. You are often in my thoughts.
Love, TJ xx


Hi Tess, I've tried answering your email (to your new address) both through hotmail and gmail and it's not going anywhere, trouble in paradise? So I'll do it here for now, vaguely, don't want to bring ugliness into the House At Pooh Corner. Thank you, really. (I don't suppose he has a blog?) I read every single one of your posts but, not having children and not being infertile and not wanting to keep saying "gorgeous babies, GORGEOUS babies" - not that you'd mind, I'd just feel a bit daft if that was the whole of my contribution - I feel I should just read and keep my silence. But I suppose it's equally daft to not comment for those reasons, T. already kicked my ass over it. You are a very welcome habit of mine anyway, all 6 of you. And yes, GORGEOUS BABIES!!! And lovely husband and Tess as well.

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