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February 07, 2005


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Auntie Pammie

Tess, this blog made my heart stop as I read it. This is a sign from your body that you need this time for some R+R. Please enjoy this time with your loved ones and relax, get SLEEP, and enjoy!! I am so glad that you did not have a seizure after all of that!!
I love you,



Are you trying to give me a heart attack?

I'm so glad you're much better. Please get some rest.

Epilepsy runs in the family - I'm quite familiar with it and I was heartbroken to hear you were dealing with a seizure.

But you made it!

And you're such a Canadian! You must be more pushy when you're in queues. I know I would never jump the line when at home, but when I'm in the States or overseas, as I had to do at de Gaulle last May, I jump the line because I will not miss a flight because I'm a polite Canadian.

Now, you must enjoy yourself. And if you see a man in his early 50's, who has no neck, is bald, and is really really pale, and his name is Michael Corbeil, that's my uncle and say hello!

I can hardly wait to hear about this trip!

You lucky lucky girl!


I was holding my breath the whole time! So now I can breathe out again and say I am SO GLAD YOU ARE IN PHUKET!!!
Have a great time!!!!!!!!


Yeah! A happy ending! I kept holding my breath unsure of what I'd read next you coy one!

Enjoy, relax & rest, PLEASE.



It 4:30 in the morning, I'm doing my usual I can't sleep routine. I've printed the CNY horiscope name tags and doing some general searching. You pop into my head, and I think I haven't read her blog in a while, (full time school and all ) and so I pop on only to read this blog!! I could not read fast enough, and am so glad you are fine. You got guts girl, I'll give ya that. WHEW! So now enjoy your time with your mum , Seb and Charles. Count yourself lucky for having such an understanding man in your life. Rest, relax and give yourself some much deserved time to do nothing.

Love ya girl, Jeanne

The Good Rachel

Goodness Tess!!! You do know how to scare your friends, don't you? I am so sorry that you had to deal with this and that it almost succeeded in derailing your vacation plans. I am thrilled however that it didn't!!

Please get tons of rest and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.



DON'T DO THIS TO ME!!! I was sweating reading this! Very happy you made it, though. VERY.


jeesh...and I thought I had a nervewracking day, waiting to find out my fert report. Glad it ended well...enjoy your time, and for the love of God...try to catch up on some sleep!!!


Wow Tess, you are my hero!
I think you could write a movie script based on this experience!

Have fun!


Reading through this posting was so eye opening. I don't know what I thought having epilispy would really mean. I found myself saying "No Tess! Don't leave the house! What if what if what if...." But you have dealt with this all your life. Thank you for sharing. The determination you have will serve your kids well - Especially precious litte Carys.

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