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February 25, 2005


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Auntie Pammie

YOu think by now I would know better than to read your blog before work. I still remember playing phone tag with Mom, Charles and you..while your babies lives were unfolding. It was so hard to not just jump on a plane and come to help you, comfort you and just be there to help any way possible.
I cannot believe it has been one year... Thank God you have 3 beautiful healthy active little ones!
Love Auntie Pammie xoxo


oh Tess, it's so poignant, just the way you've written it. Yesterday I was sad and scared for you. Today, I feel the fog and the tears of Charles as if he's right here.

Karen in Tx

Oh gosh Tess - what a flood of memories! I know that you were going through the scariest time of your life, and that it continued for weeks and weeks.
But looking now at the newly posted current pics of the babes makes me so happy to know that ALL of you made it through that time ok. I know that life is not 100% rosy right now but you have Charles and you have your children. God will help you with all the rest!

Hugs to you,



What a tough time that was - here you were having given birth to your triplets - and yet you weren't there to hold them and love them - but had to rely on others to let you know how they were. You were denied one of the basic joys of giving birth - holding your little ones in your arms straight after.

However, a year on, and they are all here and very much alive. So great that you are now able to enjoy them every day, and not have that roller coaster ride each day of wondering whether they will all be alive at the end of the day or the week.


This post completely took me there. My God, woman, you are brave and magnificent.

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