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February 19, 2005


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Sorry, I've been MIA. I'm relieved that you've managed to have Sela's date with the u/s moved up. I'm still concerned about you, though, darling. Please take care. I'm certain that you're right about the stress playing havoc with the delicate balance you've managed to usually achieve.

Will you promise one small thing, though? The next time Sela has a head bump and tosses her sweet cookies, will you consider trotting her off to the ER? I'm fairly certain that if you walked in with your beautiful daughter and said "she's bumped her head and been vomiting" that some ER doctor would jump through hoops to get her seen immediately, and you'd bypass the queueing to be seen on March 1.



I'm so glad you were able to move the appt up a couple of weeks. I also wanted to say I hope you are feeling better. I didn't post that in my last comment and I should have.

I agree with boulder tho, take her to the ER next time she vomits. Also watch out for lethargy in addition to the sunset eyes.



I am a tiny angel...
I'm smaller than your thumb;
I live in people's pockets,
That's where I have my fun.
I don't suppose you've seen me,
I'm too tiny to detect;
Though I'm with you all the time,
I doubt we've ever met.
Before I was an Angel...
I was a fairy in a flower;
God, Himself, hand-picked me,
And gave me Angel power.
Now God has many Angels
That He trains in Angel pools;
We become His eyes, and ears,& hands
And because God is so busy,
With way too much to do;
He said that my assignment
Is to keep close watch on you.
When he tucked me in your pocket,
He blessed you with Angel care;
Then told me never to leave you,
And I vowed always to be there.


I've NEVER seen a greek salad with lettuce in it. I guess Vancouver hasn't caught onto that trend yet. Thank GOODNESS.

Congrats on getting Sela's appointment moved up. :)


Hey woman - just catching up with you. I do agree with the ER idea, if you can do that sort of thing over there. We US girls love the ER! Sending prayers your way.


Yes! I remember Greek salads sans lettuce. When I ordered my first Greek salad back in the US, I was surprised to find lettuce in it. There wasn't a speck of lettuce in any of the Greek salads I ate in Greece.

Glad you got the u/s moved up on Sela. Hope it goes well.

Good luck...


Hey yah Tess, I did find your blog at last, I have spent some time reading about the big changes you and Charles have gone through. I am so proud to know you, well, I was proud to know you prior to reading your blog, however, you really do inspire through your words and your examples.

I look forward to keeping in touch with you here and via email. Fiji is not as far away as Canada, hey? Perhaps this is a possibility...Well, about the whole Feta Greek cheese salad thing....I LOL when I read that as I recently recalled that Cheddar cheese is orange where we come from and here you can only get "tasty" or "pizza" cheese. It's all white. I would love to dig into a lame greek salad right now, even if the Feta is cubed and not crumbly chunked. I'll trade you a Papaya for a cube of that Feta anyday..;)


Bravo Boulder! You are Brillant!
Tess I would take that very wise sound advise, any Dr. with any concern for a liability claim would jump on the moment you stated bump/vomit in the same sentence.

Now for you: Your family are still in our prayers here in Sedgewick, your health is so vital, remember you are to Cast your cares on Him, let him carry the load.

We are lifting you all in prayer.

Hang in there.


I have been following your blog and your website for a while and it has been very inspiring, especially during a difficult twin pregnancy. I am finally coming out of the shadows because in a crazy coincidence, my husband just came up to show me a picture from his Kellog bulletin about a family with triplets and a toddler (we have twins and a toddler 18 months apart) and I said, "you are not going to believe this, but you know that triplets blog that I follow, this is their picture"!!!

Good luck with Sela's scans, wishing you the blessings and health!

Best, Tovit

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