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February 24, 2005


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just feeling sad.


Oh, Tess, your story makes me cry. How scared you must have been!


Oh Tess. Oh Tess. What a story. What a hard set of memories.

My kids started asking for their birth story right around their third birthday, and I found that, in creating a story that was good for them, the memories started to get better for me. Not perfect, but better. I pray that you reach that point, too.

And about a month into the story, I phoned up the records office and arranged time with my babies' charts, so I could find out how long they were. Where there's a will, there's a way. It was good to read the charts, and good to have waited so long.


Tess! Sorry I didn't post yesterday-hope you got my emails to you from my work email account-wishing the trio a happy birthday.

What an amazing birth story. Your writing has me on the edge of my seat. The picture is so vivid from the way you describe things. You are so talented.

Hope all is well, email me when you can!


Tess -

I hope the babes and you had a fantastic day yesterday!

Reading your birth story I know you must have been scared to death. If you were closer to this side of the world I think you would have had a few Hens clucking around you while in the hospital!



Sitting here in my office wiping a river of tears.....

Knowing what you were going through and fearing that Charles wasn't with you - is so heart-wrenching..

You've made me cry once again, Tessie.


Tess, you've also made me cry. What a hard hard time sweetie.

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