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February 14, 2005


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Oh Tess, I know what you mean.

My parents have been divorced since I was 9 years old and as of my wedding (8 years ago this coming April) I don't think my parents had been in the same room more than a handful of times. Mom lived in the northeast US; Dad lived in Florida, then in California. Mom told me before the wedding to tell the photographer to get a family picture with her, Dad, my brother and me, all in the same film. But we forgot to mention it, and Mom didn't think to remind me during the reception. There were several pics with Dad and his girlfriend, and lots with Mom, but none with all of us together.

When my brother got engaged we hoped that we could get that family portrait...but Dad died some months before my brother's wedding.


I'm sorry that you don't have that picture for the men in you life & for you too. I know how sad that can leave you feeling.

It is strange to be so in touch with the clues that you are sent in the world, isn't it?

I have these senses all the time. After 13 years of marriage, my husband has learned that it is best to listen when I have these gut feelings. My family, my friends, and even now my doctors also listen. I'll tell you some of my stories some time - maybe over tea one afternoon in HK, ok?

Go with your gut, it is wise & knows what your brain can sometimes not yet realize or understand.


exactly the same thing, rhonda.

oh by the way, i think our cats are related.

i tried to leave you a message, but i don't have a password, even though i applied and tried for one???


Hi Tess, I can relate. Today is a tough day for me. Aside from being Valentine's Day, it is also the one year anniversary of a friend's death. I thought I was doing OK till the drive in to work, and the tears started coming. Wish I would have done more, wish I would have gotten together with her more, talked on the phone more. She comes to me a lot in my dreams, at least once a month-sometimes more. Haven't figured out the meaning yet. Anyway, I'm rambling, but wanted to say good post today and that I can relate.


Tess, I don't know how I discovered your blog, but I really like it. I was especially moved by your description of the beaches in Phuket. This post was also meaningful as my mother is dying of cancer and I just moved about 10 states away from her. I was home with her at Christmas and took about 100 pictures. She has quickly deteriorated, but is doing okay. I am so thankful for those pictures and so sad for your husband that he didn't get those last ones. Actually, though, people's memories are amazing and he will always carry her in his heart.


Well at least you don't have the guilt of not mentioning it. I hope next time they will listen to you. At least Sebastian and MC know that they need to go with your gut instinct. :) I've learned to always trust mine.

Hugs Tess!

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