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February 13, 2005


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Oh, so are you!!!


I concur with Lioness!

A baby that makes its way into the world is a miracle any way you look at it, and those of us with IF know as well as anyone. All of the things that have to go exactly right to conceive and birth a child are truly amazing, you know? And, certainly we all do in our hearts want that "Olympian" when it comes down to it, whether we realize it or not. That is the image that we all carry while pursuing our dreams - a perfect baby. But when you meet your child for the first time - whether by the first flutter of movement or an ultrasound or by their cry at birth, you know that you are so happy to be their mum - no matter what lies ahead. And a mum that rises to the challenges of a baby with special needs turn out to be the "Olympian" in character, class, mentality and physical endurance to their family's and friends' perspectives. Strange the way the world works.

Thanks for sharing, darling.


That article was wonderful- it makes you realize that sometimes, some people DO see through to the truth of things. Even though they may never have the emotional experience of going through parenting a child with a disability, they TRY to understand. It seems so rare to find someone with that ability nowadays- everyone is so quick to judge and they want everything in black and white. Good/bad. No shades of gray. This columnist did a wonderful job showing that the good comes with the bad and there will always be shades of gray.

Thanks for sharing such a well-written article!


Tess, you've done it again...made me
so proud of your attitude...
My cousin gave birth nine years ago to a severely handicapped baby, named Tijana...
I sent her this article today,and I know she will 'get it', totally.She is living this article.

Hugs and love,



I just wanted to say that I love the pics from Phuket. Seb looks so much like MC! It's amazing! He's like MC's little clone. Great article, it's so honest! Hats off!



I'm not sure if I enjoyed the article. My daughter was born with a cleft lip and palate, and I get tons of the "I don't now how you do it!" from my friends. What that implies to me is that "I could NEVER do that," which I want to say, "Oh you could, you could." Motherhood is tough, period. You deal with what you are dealt with. Sometimes I thank god for Emma's cleft, because i see it as a swift kick. I spent my entire pregancy wanting the perfect baby, with the "I don't know how they do it" attitude of mothers of kids with birth defects/disabilities, and thinking I couldn't accept that if it were my child. Now I know better. I look back and think how I could have been so vain and shallow.

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