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February 16, 2005


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What a beautiful love story Tess! I loved reading it -- and will be back to your blog regularly.

May God bless you and your sweet family!

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Thanks for sharing the beauty. You set a standard we all hope to attain.

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YOu've done it again Tess, I am sitting here reading your blog before work ( you think I would know better by now), with my freshly applied mascara running down my cheeks. YOU know I love your husband and he is one of the most kindest, generous, selfless, giving men I have ever met. He is a great father, husband and the best brother in law a girl could ask for. YOu give him an extra hug and kiss today for me!
Auntie P


Hi Tess-sorry I haven't emailed you back. Super busy.

Loved this blog today-absolutely beautiful. It made me take a step back and look at my own marriage, and realize the things I take for granted. My husband does all of those things too-he is wonderful. Thanks for yet another wake-up call...



What a beautiful love story. You truly have a magnificent husband. And Sebastian looks so much like him! I thought that I was looking at a black and white photo of Sebastian. You are truly blessed as I'm sure you know.

David James


I remember Charles when he was 12...that's when we met; Brightling was in love with his sister Caroline, and we had invited them over to his place for a beer...or two. He was so quiet and polite. Little did I know. He was wearing a preppy shirt and starched bermudas.

Next best memory: Antigua race week 2003...Chas is steering us through heavy waves as I call him round the weather mark. We shared a post-race cigar and took a picture...sent it to Cigar Aficionado (haven't seen it published yet...I suspect they wanted the blondes in bikinis smoking stogies).

Relationships between men are looser. Funny thing is that the next time I see him, we'll pick up the converstaion where it let off last year.



Amen, sister! It is thoroughly lovely to read a note like this. So often I read entries in which the author is "unloading" on her DH. Understandable at times, for sure, but it's a million times better to read an entry full of respect and admiration for the husband God has given you.

I have been reading your blog for the past few weeks, and I can't tell you how much I enjoy it. Your vacation to Phuket sounded absolutely DELICIOUS, though I know you missed the babies. You have had many trials placed in your lap, but you continue to take them on with such grace ... what a wonderful testimony to your faith!

I will definitely be praying for you, and I look forward to continuing to read about your beautiful family. God Bless!


The best gift we can give our children are two parents who love, cherish, respect and care for each other.

You have given your children a wondrous gift.


beautifully said. :) You and Charles make me smile. You're every bit the life-long partners that married people should be. :)



You are so very wonderful. And I'm glad you and Mag Charles have each other and your mag children.

What a wonderful pictures!

Please take care.


my first thought upon seeing today's entry, "i thought Seb's hair was shorter." my second thought, "and it looks even more blonde in black and white." third, "i wonder if that's his little school uniform. he looks so cute." imagine my surprise (well, okay, not much really. i remember Seb's newborn pix) to eventually discover that it's actually a picture of MC. and what a wonderful testament to MC as well. can he talk to Marshall about that getting up in the middle of the night thing?


Tess- What a beautiful post! Really! It is such a blessing to love so truly & deeply. I can see why MC gets the "M."

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