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March 18, 2005


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You go girl!!!


Just read your Mum's reply to my question about your birthday [thank you!] - and TODAY is mine! Well, today for you, tomorrow for me, it's only 23.13 here. The 18th at any rate, these time zones are doing me in. We're sort of birthday mates, imagine! Anyway, it's STILL the 17th here so I'm on time: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAHLING! I'm happy you're having such a bril time.


You go girl. I get so annoyed when I am playing touch rugby in a mixed team and the guys don't throw the ball to us girls ....grrrrr. Its so frustrating because half the time we are better than them - and we get double the points if we score a try.

You show those guys that you are really really good.

Auntie Pammie

I tried to call you to wish you the best on your special day, and I was shocked to not find you in bed at this hour.. Good on you for being out and having fun. I will have a green beer or two for you today ( as it is in my/our blood to celebrate ths great day IRISH style!!)
Love to you all,


Wow, your babes are reaching their milestones left and right. :) Congrats to little Sebastian-Wassin and the tooth-fairy Carys. :)

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