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March 17, 2005


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Miss you and your blog! Glad you are relaxed and having a blast. Enjoy it, because before you know it you'll be back home to the daily grind.

I thought Antigua had a French-influence? Shows what I know...


A tooth, oh that's lovely! Am w Maggaggie, thought French as well. And yes, enjoy, READ LOADS, rest plenty! You are missed.


(This is so bizarre, am reading your post from March 17 on March 16!)


Good to hear you're enjoying yourself. All is well here, the triplets have looked fine when I've seen them in the playground.

Lita did ask if you remembered there is a Dr's appointment for them on Tuesday at 10.00am - the day you get back. You may want to ring her about it.

See you when you get back!



great to hear from you. I can only imagine how much you are missing your precious three. Enjoy your time away and catch up on the rest and relaxation.

Love Trinie

the little sister

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TESS! Just wanted to be the first one to say it to you (from canada) I hope that you are having a wonderful time and i cant wait to see you this summer.
Commando Kiddlet


OMG, when IS your birthday? WHAT AM I MISSING? You're a Pisces as well? Tess' Little Sister, when is her birthday? ANYONE?


drat, i wasn't first. that's what i get for not staying up until midnight. i just woke up and wanted to wish you a happy birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

and go Carys! don't forget to gnaw on your brothers and sister when that teething pain gets to be too much.

Auntie Pammie

aaagghh, I was going to send B-day greetings last night, but didnt, rats. Oh well Happy Birthday to You!!! I will try to call you in paradise tonight as I watch the snow falling around me. I cannot wait to see the pics of the girls and thier little teeth :-)
LOve to you all !!!


Happy Birthday Tess! Glad the trip is going well! Rest up and have a glorious time!

Mum aka Mo aka Maureen

Happy Birthday, darling! (To answer Lioness' question - yes, today is Tess' birthday - March 17th). Called you this morning but you were already out tanning/reading/watching Seb leap off the side of the pool/drowsing. Have a marvelous birthday, sweetheart, with your Magnificent Charles and Sensational Sebastian. We love you so much. And can only imagine the joy you will all experience upon returning to Hong Kong and see the triumverate again.

Oodles of hugs and kisses,
Mum and Dad xox


Smooches and hugs for your birthday. Have a great one.

Lots and lots of love, Trinie


Wow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sounds like you're are in a lovely relaxing place. Enjoy it to the fullest. And yes I love Alexander McCall Smith's books too. Hope you have time to read the next 4!

I do understand about missing your trio. It's hard when your heart is in 2 places at once. Sounds like they are in good hands though, so enjoy yourself and make some good memories to get you through the sometimes-tough days with your little ones.

Best wishes,

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