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March 23, 2005


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welcome home! i'm glad you had a nice vacation and an even nicer homecoming.

wish i knew something about weight gain, other than how to do it.


Hey girl - so glad you are home. Totally hear you on the no rest for the weary thing! I hate it when people tell me, "you have a lot on your plate" (meaning stress) because I think, there is nothing I can do about it! But, YOU do have quite a lot on your plate as well,my friend. Maybe that is having an effect on you? My life has resulted in high blood pressure for me, and I think I handle my stress brilliantly! Sorry about the weight gain. Def. the medicine. I am fighting like mad to get mine off of me. What a slow process.

Anyway, glad you are back. Take care of YOURSELF, now, please.

love to you,


What a great greeting home. Love the teefers!

Too bad it was followed by another visit to the dr.

Also too bad about your health. I'm bipolar, so have been on MANY of the same drugs as you, I'm sure. They suck, one after the other, adding poundage or other awful side effects. I probably have 60 extra pounds from meds, very unfair considering that I did nothing to deserve it. I remember going on one med to assist with sleep (I found it impossible to sleep more than 2-3 hours after my son was even a year old - he had me trained well) and I went back on a med ot sleep that I knew would cost me 30 lbs again, but I was so desperate. It did gain. The divorce came not long afterwards. Your hubby is much better than mine was. But even the most understanding people have no clue when weight gain is due to meds and not due to overeating - and how those prone to weight gain from meds either prolong starting on those otherwide helpful meds out of fear or one says the hell with it,I have to get better and people ought to understand, even when they don't.

Sorry for the rant - I understand and you really touched on a nerve!


Hi Tess, glad you are back! I'm sorry to hear about the medication. We've talked offline about this-and I know exactly how you are feeling.

I had to swallow my pride this past weekend and make a trip back to the doc because I wasn't able to deal with things.

Hang in there-we will all make it through!

Auntie Pammie

Ok, I am going to try to not sound biased, but Tess you are a KNOCKOUT+++ and I have always raved about how beautiful and incredible you are.

We both have had stages in our lives when we were "God forbid", larger than a size 7. We both (especially you) have always looked incredible no matter what our body sizes were.

Please do not dwell on the negative impact of the medications, its the positives that count! Thats my two cents.

Love you lots ( from your NON size 7 sister)
Auntie P xoxo


Tess dahling, welcome back! How lovely to read you again. Sebastian and the babies sound so... bigger! Must be a thrill and a shock. I'm sorry you're not well, sorry the meds don't seem to be working fully, and so sorry abt the weight gain. Sucks rock doesn't it. I wish I could help.

Your sister is right though, you are absolutely gorgeous. Not that you'll believe me but I have a fabulous eyeometre so I KNOW. And there you have it.


Tessie , my weight has varied 67 lbs so it is just a case of getting clothes for all seasons and sizes. You must have noted that mum gets 10% of the closet space and I get 90%.

Regards , Dad
PS love Dad


Awww, I'm so glad you are home, but sorry that you are worried about your health! The uncertainty of it all must be extremely worrisome!

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