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March 24, 2005


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Is it bad that I'm laughing? Because this was too funny and the last sentence - well Tess, you really WERE missed.

(Even if i don't comment I'm reading alright? Just so you know, bcs the lair looms.)


Oh Tessie Poo.....you make me laugh so much. I'm sorry if your post wasn't meant to be amusing - but the visual that grew from it is great. I can just see you wading through a sea of crawling babes. :)

Ah the memories that brings back. Of course I can't relate to having crawling times 3 at one time - but I do remember the time when I thanked God for Pampers and their ability to cushion Bubba's bum from all the falls. I once considered strapping one to his forehead to protect his brain.

Welcome home...I love you.


I cannot even imagine the chaos! I'd looooooooooooooove to see a pic of you with all the cuties clinging to you!!! Come on, share ;)


Oh Tess, I missed you while you were gone! Your post cracked me up. Alexi is 20 months, with bruises up and down her legs from falling. She likes to run but doesn't always look at what's in her way-far too busy.

BTW, when she started walking at 14 months, she too had marks all over her beautiful little head.

Hug the kiddos!


Tess, this is my first post to you on your blog but I have followed your story from the announcement of the trio on IVFC. I love that you now have a blog to read!! I have to say that I feel for you w/ 3 crawlers. My dd is 10 months old and quite the fast little bugger and I can't imagine trying to keep up w/ 3 of her.
After reading this post I just had to write to tell you my funny crawling story, okay well one of them.. My dh is an instructor for baseball umpires and we had a rather large clinic last weekend. I do administrative things for him during the clinic. I brought dd w/ me and of course she wanted to crawl around, so I gave up and put her her down, I gave up on trying to keep her spotless! So I swear I had just seen her right next to me, I was looking through some paper work when all of a sudden I hear in this official Umpire voice, "TIME!! Baby on the field!" I turned and there she is all the way out to second base and surrounded by about 40 umpires. They thought it was funny, I of course was super embarrassed. Dh was quite amused.
Anyways, like I said, I can't imagine keeping up with 3 of her!


Awww...I'm sitting here with a big, stupid grin on my face imagining you with your three little ones climbing up your legs.

Glad your vacation went well and I hope you are feeling better soon.

Mum aka Mo aka Maureen

Ah darling - I loved it!!

Loads of love to you all, M xox


Hi sweetie! Just thought you'd like to know.... its gonna get worse! LOL I gave up trying to keep Alex & Amanda bruise free. Just now hoping to keep "stitch" free! Why is it, when there is a perfectly good inanimate object to hang on to, they need to choose the moving target for support? As far as the pant climbing....Im just glad my waistbands are tight!
Love ya!!!!!!!

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