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March 29, 2005


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The Good Rachel

I am sorry you are having a tough time. We are struggling through the gray just before spring here in New England. It most definitely impacts my mood and anything that would normally fall in the "not good" column instead lands squarely in "well this fucking sucks" status.

I hope all the health concerns with your little brood settle down into good health for you soon.



Well of course everyone is drooling over them... they are the cutest trio ever! :) Hope everyone is feeling better soon Tess, and good luck with that book.... fabulous idea. XOXO


Auntie P

I am dying to hear about Seb's appt re" his little knees. I am not in tonight but will be on Wed eve,, Thursday your time. PLease Thank Sebbie from Auntie for the lovely art work he sent me via Mo. I will also thank him when we talk next.
Love to you all,
Ps) tell Jasper to keep up the good work :-)


Tess - hope you don't mind but I borrowed your rainbow Antigua picture for my computer wallpaper. It is the most gorgeous picture!!!!!!!!!


Oh my... the last time I saw your babies, they were still in the nicu. (I found you through ivfc). Time is flying and all of your babies have grown and are GORGEOUS!! I especially love the photo of the four of you (sorry to magnificent!). Love it and am so glad everyone is doing well. Will read more of your blog when I can get the chance.


Dear Tess,

Awaiting news about Seb's appointment. Hoping that it went well and that he will be 100% soon. Also hoping that the triplets will get over their colds soon too. Take care of yourself through all this drama and know that you remain in our thoughts and prayers.

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