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March 19, 2005


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I'm glad you got to relax!
Have a safe trip home.


You must be counting the secs now till you see the babies again. You'll probably wish you were an Indian deity, w loads of arms to go round. I'm so happy you're rested and Charlesed!


I am so glad that you are totally destressed and had a wonderful trip. Hope the flight home is as well.

Post pictures when you can!


So glad to hear you are having a peaceful time in the Carribean. (Despite male chauvenist volley ball players!)

I know you cannot wait to grab the trio and just inhale their scent!!!!!!!!!


I'm assuming the lack of updating means you're smothering the triumvirate, very rightly so, throw some in from me.

Patiently waiting in Lisbon,


Glad to hear the vacation went well! I'm sure you are all glad to see the little ones!

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