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March 31, 2005


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Terrific pics! I'm now thinking I MUST go to Antigua. How come none of my relatives come from a beautiful beach place like that? Wonderful that you could get there to pay tribute to MC's mom's wish. Really wonderful. Hopefully someday you'll be able to get back with trio too, eh?

What a trip for Seb - 17 hours to snow! then more hours to beach! then back to snow! then 17 hours home.... Wow - that kid is one heck of a traveler. & tell him I think he's a great swimmer!


Mum aka Mo aka Maureen

The pictures are fabulous, Tess and Chuck. The ones of the two of you are gorgeous. Seb is such a doll and I am sure all your readers would agree with me that in this case, even though I am the mum/grandmother, I am not biased - simply factual!

So glad you were able to fulfill Sheena's wish for her family and that you had such a good time in a beautiful setting.

Love to all, M xox


What beautiful pictures! You all look so relaxed and happy - and of course I agree with you Maureen about the looks of everyone.

So glad that you could do this with your family in memory of your mum Charles.



Sebastian is the darlingest little boy in those pictures! He's so photogenic. Love the airplane pic! Looks soooo happy sitting there!


How can one single family be this good-looking? You all look amazing! Tess, you are gorgeous and gorgeoulsy photogenic - and MC's eye are the exact colour of the shirt! I particularly loved the one where he's kissing your neck, simply beautiful. Sebastian will yet develop gills and it's alright since you all frolick about in ANTIGUA! ANTIGUA! I'm so jealous I could froth, what fabulous beaches! You all look marvellously tanned AND happy AND rested - and I just had the most mahvellous post exam present, feeling a bit recharged myself vicariously.

(You'll hear me say nothing abt the snow bcs I'm still trying to forget that bit of my Canada trip, don't see how you people survive, truly I don't)


Wow! It looks like you had a fantastic time in a beautiful part of the world. Love the shots of you and your husband :) 4 kids later and still obviously madly in love!

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