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March 26, 2005


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Oh Tess. I'm so sorry darling, I hope they sort out what's happening soon, and that Sebastian heals fast. That and the triplets having a cold... Thinking of you all.


Wait, I'm confused. They want to put the cast AFTER they remove the floating bit right (through a small hole)? Or is there no floating bit? And it is the kneecap itself (the patella), no ligaments, no tendons, no meniscus? I know you know this and again, it's not meant to alarm you, but knees are a noble joint, don't let anyone bully into one course of action before being given thorough information and seeing more specialists if you want to.

The Good Rachel

Poor Sebbie! And Poor Mom! I hope his knees are healed soon and that they determine what is causing such a terrible thing to happen!

I hope the trips are free of their snot soon, too!

Auntie Pammie

Poor Seb,
Its funny how all week my knee has been hurting from a bad run on Monday.. I know realize it was/is sympathy pains for Seb. Tess I know it is rough right now, but one day you will be able to look back and laugh this one off. At the same time you will be wondering how you got through it without having a bottle of cooking sherry in your bathrobe pocket at all times.
LOve you all , Hang in there.
Let Sebbie know that Auntie will have extra fruit loops for him this summer :-)


Tess, just when I thought that my week was crappy, I just need to check in on you! So sorry, mum. Poor seb. - did I read correctly that they think he has a chip on both knees? Sending hugs and dry noses your way.


Oh no! Poor Wassin! Do let us know what the surgeon says next week. I do not know much about knee surgery. My husband tore is ACL when we were first married and had surgery for that. Quick recovery. I'm concerned that this is both kneecaps, and he's such a small tot! I'll be praying for him.

And my three little poppets! My Alexi has a horrible cold as well this past week. She doesn't quite know how to blow her nose, so I still need to suction it. This morning, I suctioned her nose so she could breathe-she screamed like I was beating her. It can't be that bad, now can it?

Oh, here's to all four getting better and hopes that mum and dad don't catch the colds too!

Love, Maggs

sue s (ottawa)


sorry about sebastian - and the other little snotty ones. Hope they are all better soon.

I loved the picture updates - all the kids have such big beautiful expressive eyes! I also liked seeng the playtime shots to see how they do interract very neat. They sure are getting bigger &more mobile! Take care & try and find 5 mins to yourself :)


(Wasn't there another post here? It's like an epidemic in the blogosphere! It was a good post, I was going to comment now! Why is it gone? Hell. Anyway, pretend it's here, pretend this is the comment - actually, this IS the comment. I'm happy for you.)

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