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April 26, 2005


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Auntie P

Mr. L says drink your hot toddies and you will feel better, It works for us !!

I hope you feel better ( get the flu shot), and get on antibiotics.. it took me 2 rounds to get rid of what I had.

As for your babies, you love them all equally.. no worries.
Auntie P


tess, funny you should mention favorites ... i just posted about this the other day. i'm convinced that all parents have a favorite child, even though half will say that they don't. i even called my father on sunday to ask about when i was a child. to my delight he told me i was his favorite and my brother was my mother's. easy when you only have 2 children i suppose. it took until my youngest child hit 2.5 yrs old for the favorite to emerge in my house. and now, i will admit it (to the internet only) that yes, i have a favorite. best - ann


Carys will always be my favourite. : )

Hope you get to feeling better soon!


I love all my kids equally, just in different ways as they are all so unique. Sounds so clique' I know but true!


i didn't realize it until you mentioned it, but i have a favorite too.

sending you some virtual matzo ball soup. hope you feel better quickly.

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