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April 20, 2005


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I'm so glad you're feeling better. Let's talk offline when you have free time.


I love the smell of the ocean, and I wonder if we lived on the coast, would we take it for granted? I'm afraid that I might, so I try to keep myself with the occasional visit. Before we leave, I try to seal up a few things that have been out in the sea air so that maybe they'll retain that good smell when we go home.

So sorry to hear about your grandfather, but I'm glad that you get to spend some time with family, even if it's far from ideal circumstances.


Tess-I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now. Love reading about your family and was very sad to hear about your grandfather. I hope your memories bring you comfort during this time.

I live about 1/2 mile from the coast in Southern Cal. Nothing better. Work out at the beach almost every morning. I never tire of it.

Have a safe trip home to your family.


No. Living near the ocean never rubs off, you never take it for granted. I lived in Victoria and then Vancouver for a total of 10 years. At ever opportunity I enjoyed the ocean. Just something about it that makes one feel happy and rejuvenated. So happy you enjoyed your trip to 'my' turf :) (Even if I am an hour from the surf presently..)

Enjoy your family in BC while you can, sorry you have to enjoy the area under such sad circumstances.


You ever decide to bring your family to Vancouver & you've got a frequent visitor guaranteed. (10th wedding anniversary was spent there in fact.)

You take care of yourself while you are taking care of others ok? It is wonderful how memories are built in these times. Some of my most favorite family memories as an adult were times we spent fixing up, cleaning out & talking about a favorite relative as we prepared for a funeral. Odd in some way to some, I'm sure, but not to me. I will carry those times with me forever.

You and Pam get a chance to get away for a few hours, go down to Granville Island for me & walk through the farmer's market. It soothes the soul to see it working so well each day.



it's hard to be torn between a city you love and family. to the generation below you HK is home, to the generation above, canada. you get both, and in a way neither.

i live in a college town. almost all of the friends i have made here have eventually left and i lost track of most of them. of the few that remain, most of them are planning on leaving someday (although one just got notice from INS that her visa was approved, so she gets to stay at least long enough to finish her degree). i keep thinking that in a few years i will only have a couple of friends left. why stay? why not move someplace where marshall can make enough money for us to have a bigger house? why not move someplace where i'm not torn between using my degrees and making more money as a janitor? why not move to hawaii (i've had several dreams where i'm in hawaii lately. must go back someday). why not? family. my parents live here. my in-laws will soon be living here.

i grew up with my grandparents far away. i can see, through sagan's eyes, that i missed out on something. something flaky, something that pisses me off at times, but something that my children seem to benefit from. i admit that i am envious of your far-traveled lifestyle, but thank you for reminding me that what i take for granted is envious as well.


It's the sea Tess. The sea and the beach are incredible. My dream is to live on the beach someday.....it does wonders for the soul!


Tess, there is something wonderful about the sea and as the others have said, I don't think that you can tire of it. We live by the sea and love watching it and its changes in mood. There's something calming about it.

Enjoy being home in HK with your own family.


If you do move back to Canada would you be able to afford the home help you have now?
Big decision if you can't.

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