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April 18, 2005


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Tess, that's a very beautiful point. I am so sorry to hear about his passing, but there's a part of him in you and your children, that's the magic and the beauty of it all. You are so close, in Vancouver. I wish I could escape for the day and give you a big hug. It sounds like the memorial was very special and intimate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts - it means alot. Love Jillxxoo


We were so close, I live an hour out of Vancouver... Sounds like a moving celebration of his life. Good for you for making the long journey to be there and be a part of it.


We were so close, too. I live in downtown Vancouver.

It sounds like a lovely service, Tess. I'm sure your grandad would be proud.


Beautiful. Well put.


"as long as we remember the deceased, they are still with us"

My brother said this exact same thing at our dad's memorial service. Now, when we get together (my brothers and their families live 1500 miles from me), at least one statement will be prefaced by "As the old man used to say..."

We definitely remember him fondly as you (and your family) will/do remember your granddad.

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