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April 25, 2005


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Oh what I wouldn't give for Seb to paint my toenails a reddest of reds! As it is I'll continue to pretend that I don't care & that I think natural is just perfect. Ho hum. Drab. Boring. I mean lovely, just lovely. Natural is it.

Sorry about the 33% success with shepard's pie. Wishing you an additional 33 to 66% increase with tomorrow's endeavor.

And am I to guess that the poor article took a backseat to this post as well? A girl after my own procrastinating heart!

What is said article to be about?



now you know why i don't have a clean house, why the laundry is not kept up, and why the dishes remain dirty and not put away....

"Mommy sit play floor", "mommy read story", "Mommy go to park now, maybe"....

You ROCK!!! have a great day...the articles will get written...just not today. xo lyns


Oh Tess!

As usual, you had me spellbound with your musings. Thank you for them. Your days are so enjoyable for me!!!!
Sorry about the shepherds pie! It sure does make for a good chuckle for those of us who don't have to clean it up.
I sure hope I can meet your entire family this summer when you come to Canada.

Love you,


And you will remember your afternoon together forever :)


What a lovely memory you made for each other. Someday, many years from now he'll look at that photo and you and smile that special smile that children of any age have only for their mums.

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