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April 28, 2005


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I am in the process of journaling our pregnancy and birth story. I haven't gotten to the birth and NICU days yet, but they are coming. Your recollections of your children's birth are what convinced me that I needed to put in all on paper. Thanks for the nudge! Your story is a testament to what little fighters you have! God bless you!


I love when you remember...thanks for sharing all of it!!!

xo lyns


Hi Tess. Hope your cold is feeling better.

I often stop and remember my birth story, how scary things were for me, and the loss of my grandfather the day of the birth. It's taken a long time to accept things. Some say, don't dwell on it-it's in the past. But for me, it helps to reminisce-it's theraputic.

Great post.

Auntie Pammie

Good blog this morning T. I always read it before the drive to work. Thank-you for putting a little smile on my face.
How's J's tooth?


Tess, I love reading your memories... They are so detailed and so unique... I never did find out why the plastic wrap was used in the NICU- is that to retain heat?


I've recently ran across your blog and have enjoyed reading about your family and seeing all the pictures. Today's post brings back so many memories of my own 2 pounder - who turned 21 last week. Your days ahead are certain to be interesting. Speaking from experience here too - we have 3 young adopted children who were all born within 10 months of each other. Hang on -- it's a wild ride!

Tracey in Vancouver

Hi Tess, This post reminded me of a recent Spirit of the West concert(went with Joyce Reid)...I don't know if you know their song "Goodbye Grace (I don't ever want to see your face again)" - a lovely ballad recorded 14 yrs ago. The lead singer explained that his son was born at 26 weeks- and they spent months at Grace Hospital in Vancouver- he wrote the song the day they gratefully took their son home from Grace Hospital. He told the story and it was hard to hold back the tears - partic having followed yr blog since day 1...it says so much so simply.



I remmebered it too.
They are so lovely, full of energy though they're so small. Look@@ it's the power of our God, He create and He bless.

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