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April 29, 2005


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Oh Tess,

I can totally understand your anger and frustration at that lady. It isn't now that you need support. It was a year ago when you were living life on a knife edge - when your emotions were so tied up with your precious three, wondering if they were going to see another day. That was teh time that you needed someone beside you, holding your hands and helping you through the day to day events that occurred.

On another note, I hope that you are feeling better with that cold.


Lyrics, eh? : )

I would be totally ticked off too. I know you feel as strongly about this as I do with my current situation, although totally unalike.

Ever think about writing a few articles or a book on preemies? Just a thought.

Hope the cold is improving.


I am VERY surprised they did not hear of you when your babies were in the baby intensive care. Or are triplets so very common there?!


Ugh. Sick to my stomach over this one. I'd have opened the door & carried your ammo while you went postal.

Did ANYONE think about the poor parents who weren't so fortunate as to be able to graduate a child out of the NICU? What must they have felt like when they received this insensitive invite?

Guess you have to have bylaws to know how to send invites & throw a party these days. Just not common sense about what a parent of a premature baby really needs.

How utterly sad for the parents who are there in hospital right now not having anyone to act as their guideposts to the unknown. But hey, at least they'll get an invite to next year's talent show & tea gala fete.



UN BY GOD Beleivable..... Iam IRATE... My suggestion..screw by-laws and committees...what are they going to do throw you out of the hospital... leave your name, your number anything... get in those doors and help the people that despartely need it NOW...tea parties. and talent shows.... what can these people possibly be thinking???

I am so sorry...but I am glad that you can be that person for someone else...a gudie, with wisdom and strenght and proof that QMH is a good place to have your prems...and that these kids will fight and live!!!!! I love you!!!!!!

xo lyns


Simply heartbreaking. I agree w Lyns, if you can alleviate some parents' suffering, it's worth it. No need to even create anything formal, you can just make sure they know how to reach you. I'd be mad as hell too.


You have every right to be angry. I also think it is a fantastic idea to start a parent support group for preemie parents. I don't care what the dr says, just do it. So many people could be impacted so positively! Lioness is right, it doesn't have to be formal.

Good luck!

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