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May 23, 2005


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Mum aka Mo aka Maureen

Just great to read about your day and get a feel as to where each triplet and Sebastian are at. You are doing a super job, Tess. Would LOVE to be at Music Appreciation class with you and watch each budding virtuoso express her/himself :-)

Off to sleep with you!

Love, M xox


I certainly hope it wasn't me with the e-mail. I haven't sent any attachments, but one never knows with the internet...

You will have to take the video camera to music class and film the trio enjoying music.

Have you ever heard of Sue Hammond? She is Canadian, did a bunch of children's CD's with classical music. My favourite is "Beethoven Lives Upstairs" (Sebastian will probably enjoy it) and then "Vilvaldi's Ring of Mystery" (my 20 year old daughter's favourite). Have given sets to teachers and school libraries.

Sounds like you had a wonderful afternoon with the wee ones, brought back memories of when mine were small.


Your Monday had a few things left to be desired - I think we all felt your pain with the inbox & with the wearing of everything Carys has EVER eaten. :)

But, Monday sounded lovely nonetheless. It is really wonderful that Seb is happy to scamper off to school, and you are right that a 2nd language is a great idea, but love to learn is far more important at this stage of the game. I got a lump in my throat thinking about the scene between the 2 of you. And music sounded great today - each such the individual as you describe them. I can picture Olivia the cat vying for the attention of the younger set & the eye contact that Jasper is making, the "mini-hug" from Sela, and the newest Rolling Stone album cover impersonator in Carys!

If this was Monday, Tuesday had better whip itself into shape - it will have a lot to compete with!


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