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May 21, 2005


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You captured my spirit of adventure with your words.

I too remember being a little girl with a globe. I loved to spin it, read the country and city names, and think of who must live where.

My father travelled the world as I grew up and I'd receive packages from far away places and think I was so loved and special. The Canary Islands seemed so far away and sounded such a lovely place from my father's notes and the little spots in the ocean away from me.

Our next door neighbors as a child had befriended my family and we their's. Two doctors who had lost their only son as a toddler, who eagerly took my mom & dad as their own "kids" and my brothers and me as their grand children. These two travelled more places than anyone I've ever known. And with each trip, I'd receive a post card from an exotic outpost in the world & I'd relish the photo and the stamp and news of their trip and return. And I was the fortunate recipient of many wonderful gifts as well. Dolls, and slippers, and silkworms, and castanets. So many thoughtful and loving notes and selections.

You took me back to places I hadn't thought of in years & people that I love and miss.

Thank you.

Mum aka Mo aka Maureen

Great blog, honey. I was right there with you :-) Won't it be interesting as the years go by and you visit more places to see how "The List of Best Images Remembered" shifts. Maybe it won't, who knows?!

Love you, darling.

M xox

Auntie Pammie

Hey T,
I will one day share my favs with you , or we can do that this summer while laying on the dock one day ( maybe Mr. L will join us?)
NO, you were not hallucinating, I thought I was , yesterday while at work, I wanted to read your latest blog and 2 days had dissapeared. Aggghhh the joys and anguishes of the internet.
Have a great day, its a long weekend here, but i am working ( as ususal).
One of my most memorable times was standing inside the reunificaiton palace overlooking the hustle and bustle of downtown Saigon and realizing that spot is where it all came to an end. Or crawling through those tunnels in CuChi... I must do that again.
Over and out for now.
Auntie P


I haven't travelled much outside Canada, but have travelled extensively inside Canada.

My all-time favourite is being in the middle of a summer thunderstorm in the Laurentian mountains in Quebec, the thunder rumbling down the mountains. I spent a couple summers in Quebec in my pre-teen years, still remember the sound.

I noticed your posts were missing as well. I guess the internet ghosts are playing games with you.


You have been to amazing places my friend! ANd your descriptions are even better........


Somewhat shocked that Iqaluit and Inuvik were not mentioned.Wha Ti rates mention.
Ms. Simpson asked me to raise those concerns.

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