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May 30, 2005


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Ok, unsolicited thingy: the reglan.

I did fine using it many years ago & had no reaction to it at all previously. Cut to surgery not that long ago, when I was given it. Woke up that night to my body being rigid & unable to stretch out for relief. Wound up in ER with morphine & valium, and large does of pain killers and valium for the days to come. Have you had every single muscle in your body contracted for hours? You can't walk for days afterwards. ER was very surprised that I'd been given it, because it isn't used that much these days because there are apparently better things, and there are people who have bad reactions to it.

Now, there is very little likelihood that this would happen to anyone besides me, because I'm just that weird, but keep an eye out if it is prescribed, because my reaction wasn't immediate, and ask if there is something ELSE that would do the same thing that may not give you an adverse reaction like I had, if your babes turn out to be sensitive.

PSA over.


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