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May 30, 2005


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Well, so this Monday was a very good Monday with the 3pm and no vomitting as of yet.

Regardless of the date of the month.

That's what friends are for, to reinforce perspective, because it is everything, isn't it?


Auntie Pammie

Here is an old cliche" , corny saying that Jake used to always say to me.... I will now share it with you. "Good things come to those who wait". Personally I thought it was hogwash, but as time goes on, I realize that this is true.

Be kind to yourself and know that you did / are doing all that you can for your children. They are doing very well and if they take a little bit longer to catch up to the "normal" ( I dont like that word) range of development, then so be it.

They are happy, content, well adjusted little sweethearts who have overcome some HUGE odds and are doing so well.

We all have dates that cause our hearts to stop for one reason or another... let Feb 23 and May 30 be days of happiness. Regardless of the date, look down on those sweet little faces and embrace and enjoy!

I hope this rambling helps...

Auntie Pammie


I know that you know what I am about to say..but I just wanted to remind you...sometimes doctors don't know everything... Yes, there are milestones...but remember every child is SOOOO different....most kids don't walk by a year old (adjusted or not).... and your three are amazing children who are all mircles from start to birth they are miricles....
We live in a shame/honor culture...sometimes I think that the doctors want to shame us that our babies aren't on a chart (they didn't know what to do with Keighley...so small yet 10 10 for Apgar)Shame us for being so "fat" (even thought I am westerner, with breasts and am taller than 4'2") Shame you b/c it seems that they keep forgetting to look at the chart and actually adjust their age!!!! Charts are good for a guideline...but Jasper, Sela and Carys are in a class all their own (as are most babies...)
You have nothing to feel guilty about...God has a plan to prosper you and these kids, not to harm you or them...I don't know why he wanted them in the world early...but he did. (See James 1:2-3)

Ok..i've said enough that you already know...but I love you my friend and you still are the bravest woman I think I know!!!
xo lyns


My darling Tess, yes May 30th was a big day for you and I crossed off the days waiting for this time to arrive and spent countless hours agreeing with your competitive nature that April 30th was most satisfactory. But the little tykes came early, and God has blessed us all with their presence. And with you. With so many people who love you and admire you (Your biggest fan here) trust me when I say you have nothing to feel guilty about my love. NOTHING. Dare to dream.

Love Maddy


My twins other birthday is May 23. As both days passed this year, March 16 (their actual birthdate) and May 23 (their due date) I wondered if every year I'd celebrate both in my heart.


happy may 31st! now both 23 feb and 30 may have past this year. today is 31 may (well, 1 june for you). make this a day to look forward. look forward to seeing the first steps (and maybe even in canada where Mozilla, Auntie Pam, and all the rest can be there too). look forward to visiting your family. look forward to some rest :). look forward to sending everyone off to college. yesterday was a day to look back. today is a day to look forward.


Tess darling,

I remember praying and hoping that you would make it to April 30th as well - but you didn't and you got to see your miracle children early and as Maddy says, God blessed us with their presence.

As a well child and maternal health nurse I would also like to reassure you about your children's development. The average that full term children walk is 14 months - and that's the average so there are a heck of a lot that walk later than that that are just fine.


Boy howdy I hear ya on this one.


They are here, they are thriving, it IS an excellent day isn't it? I'm sure the vomiting will come.


I've read it all now, and Charles' post as well, and you mean THAT sort of vomit. I hope you find out soon what is causing it, it must be hellish.


Being close to my due date, I have a very new appreciation for how difficult those days must have been and continue to be for you. I can't even begin to imagine having carried THREE babies, then to have given birth so early and watched them struggle. But the prayers, good medicine and wonderful parenting have brought them so far Tess. They are beautiful and although they continue to struggle, they've come a long way baby! You and Magnificent should feel so proud of yourselves. You are my heroes! One day at a time is really all we can ask of ourselves.

Love, Holly

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